Back to Kamigawa, but in the Future


Previews for Kamigawa have started and continue to February 7th. Check out the Where to Find Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Previews article here! 


Preorders are being accepted NOW! Preorder a Draft booster box, Set booster box, or a Collector booster box and receive the special Satoru Umezawa (seen below)!


Draft booster boxes and Set booster boxes are available as early as Friday, February 11th. Collector booster boxes and Commander decks will be available the following Friday, February 18th.


Join us to play in one of our pre-release events and enjoy the famous Frost Giant brownies. We hope to see you in for:


-Friday, 11th at 7 PM

-Saturday, 12th at 12 PM for 2 Headed-Giant

-Saturday, 12th at 7 PM


-Sunday, 13th at 2 PM


These times are the start time of the events, so be sure to show up early to register for the event! If you can't come in to stay and play, you can purchase a pre-release kit to take home to open and play.

Coming Out Soon!!

Coming November 2021


It has been a while since quite a few card games are all coming out in the same month, but November is the hot month this year! 

Upcoming Releases: 

  • From Jasco Games, we have My Hero Academia dropping with us on Friday, October 8th! Either able to be played in the UniVersus Standard format or in the stand alone My Hero Academia Only format, the first set of My Hero Academia arrives! Card previews have been flying off over on the My Hero Academia - Collectible Card Game Facebook Page . Preorder booster boxes of this brand new card game today to be able to be one of the first to get into this new game! We will be hosting a pre-release event on Saturday, 10/9 at 4:30 p.m. If you want to learn to play before then, check out our Learn to Play Event on Saturday, 10/2 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
  • In the world of Pokemon, the set we have all been patiently waiting on this year - Celebrations has releases on both the 8th and 22nd of October. Due to the extremely limited availability of Celebrations products, pre-ordering is not available at this time, but be sure to drop in to check out what we have in stock for Pokemon product!
  • Saiyan Showdown is the next release from Bandai for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game. Previews are being released NOW over on their Facebook. Check out the newest cards from the Unison Warrior series and preorder your box now. Our pre-release event is scheduled for Saturday, 10/30 at 2:30 p.m. We hope to see you in for it! Pre-registration is not required. 

  • The next set releasing for Magic: The Gathering is the other half of Innistrad in Crimson Vow! More vampires, werewolves, and other ghastly creatures oh my! Previews have not started, but are expected to start the last week of October. Frost Giant Games will be hosting pre-release events starting on Friday, 11/12 through Sunday, 11/14. 

  • Last but not least, Digimon's Double Diamond (BT-06) was delayed to mid-November, but most of the card previews are out on their Facebook. Preorders for booster boxes and the starter decks are still being accepted now! Unfortunately the release date is not known due to the delay right now.


 If you are excited for any of these releases, don't miss your chance to preorder a booster box and come in to play with us!


Heading back to Innistrad!

Midnight Hunt 1


Back to Innistrad for Midnight Hunt (and soon to follow Crimson Vow)! Catch up with what's going on on Episode 1: The Witch of the Woods of the web fiction about Klaus, Arlinn, and more.


The full card preview gallary is available now out here. Prerelease events start on Friday, September 17th in store and run all weekend! We hope to see you in for:

-Friday, 17th at 7 PM

-Saturday, 18th at 12 PM for 2 Headed-Giant

-Saturday, 18th at 7 PM

-Sunday, 19th at 2 PM


These times are the start time of the events, so be sure to show up early to register for the event! If you can't come in to stay and play, you can purchase a pre-release kit to take home to open and play.


Draft booster boxes and set booster boxes are available for pick up starting on the 17th!


Collector booster boxes, bundles, and Commander decks are available starting on September 24th.




Onto Kaldheim, we GO Planeswalkers!

Kaldheim - Kaya


Coming back into the story is Kaya and Tibalt! Also announced were two new planeswalkers - Tyvar Kell and Niko Aris. Check out Kaya and Niko's normal and borderless versions below -Kaya & NikoIf you are a fan of the lore, be sure to read the web fiction available over at MTG Daily. Here is the first page -  Episode 1: Travelers.

Keep watching Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and all of your favorite spoiler sites for more cards from Kaldheim. And if you are loving this set as much as we do, be sure to drop in today to pre-order your Draft booster box, Set booster box, or Collector booster box today. Based on a first come, first serve basis - with each box will come with the Buy a Box promo - Realmwalker.


BAB Realmwalker

Magic, Dragon Ball Super & More - Coming Soon

There are lots of exciting new products coming out in the next few months regardless of which trading card game you play!

In January,

  • Dragon Ball Super's next set in the Unison Warriors Series is Vicious Rejuvenation. It officially releases on January 22nd, so it is available for pre-release on January 15th. We hope to be holding a pre-release tournament on the 15th at 2 PM. We will be accepting pre-orders starting on December 26th on booster boxes and the Ultimate Deck.

  • Digimon's V1.0 offical release arrives on January 29th! A long awaited release after the pre-sale that occured on November 27th. At this time, we are awaiting on numbers from our distributors, so no pre-orders are being accepted. Learn to play by downloading the Digimon Card Game Teaching App on the Google Play Store today!

  • Magic: The Gathering's latest set in Standard - Kaldheim pre-releases as of Juanuary 29th and officially releases February 5th. Not many details are known right now about this viking themed set. Regardless, we can't wait add some new cards and the other 4 Pathway land cards to our Standard decks! We will be accepting pre-orders starting on January 1st on draft booster boxes, collector booster boxes, set booster boxes, and bundles.
Drop in today!



Zendikar Rising is the next Upcoming Standard Set for Magic: The Gathering

Day 1 of previews left us in information overload as we received information about Zendikar Rising that officially releases on 9/25 as well as all of the Standard sets expected next - even information about a few non-standard sets as well!

Zendikar is Nahiri's home plane. Following Nahiri, Jace and Nissa are on Zendikar as well. 




Above you see the standard frame version of the planeswalker next to the borderless version that is available as well. Borderless planeswalkers can be pulled in draft boosters, set boosters, and collector booster packs.


Keep your eyes peeled for more previews dropping between now and September 9th and remember you can preorder boxes now in-store!

DBS - Draft Box 5: Divine Multiverse

While the store action has cooled down, Bandai did announce (back on 3/20/20) via Facebook - they would be doing a reprint of the latest draft box - Divine Multiverse!

At this time, there is no specific expected street date for us to receive our reorder; they are anticipated near the end of April. We will keep you all in the loop as soon as we have a concrete date.


Want to save a box for yourself? Contact us to preorder today!



Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths!

Have you seen the new Godzilla Monster Cards that will be out with Ikoria?

Godzilla, King of the Monsters is the Buy-a-Box promo and available while supplies last while purchasing a sealed box of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. In addition, in each sealed box there will be 1 of 15 Godzilla Monster cards.

Preorder with us today to lock in your preorder price as well as your Godzilla, King of the Monters Buy-a-Box, so give us a call today!

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